Wow, a lot has happened in the past year! The MaNGOS team split into two separate teams, the original creators disappeared, and I am now an active MaNGOS developer! Along with that, the server has been through many changes as far as the software goes. There were some major issues when building it under Windows (it was originally Linux, and I only run Linux builds) so the person running the show did a major roll-back, and Release 19 was plagued with old bugs rearing their heads again, but R20 is on the horizon and it is MUCH better than what we had before.
    Did I mention that I am finalizing a bash script to allow users who want to run their own MaNGOS servers to do everything for them? That's right, one of our releases will soon be a script which, when executed on a Linux system, will offer to download dependencies (Debian/Ubuntu systems only), allow the user to select which release of WoW and which branch to run, clone it, configure it, and even build and install it for them. Oh, and it handles all of that tedious database work for them also!
    More good news after all of that! I have acquired a quad-core Xeon server with a hardware RAID card and four brand-new 1TB disks. It also have 16GB of RAM and dual 1Gbps NICs onboard. This will soon be running XenServer on a RAID10 array. I plan to have the original WoW, Burning Crusade, and Lich King servers running inside virtual systems under XenServer, as well as a dedicated VM for a MariaDB server which will hold the databases for all of the others. This way we can play all final versions of the game. Should be up before November!
    A fellow developer is also working on a CMS for MaNGOS, which will allow me to host a page allowing you to sign up without asking me for anything. Once that is completed, I will add it to the site here. If you want to join us before that time, you still need to contact me so I can create your in-game account.



    Our World of Warcraft server is now online. It should be able to handle about seventy or eighty players rght now, and if the server gets popular I will move it to a 64bit box with almost quadruple the RAM so that the server may continue to grow. Use the contact page to contact me if you wish to join us. We play as Horde, but Alliance players are welcome as well. The first ten players to reach level sixty on each side will receive their T1 armor from me personally. So what are you waiting for? Join us today!


Server Status
Yurak: Online
7/1024 Players
Horde: 7

Stonegate: Offline
0/1024 Players
Horde: 0
Alliance: 0
Yurak: Mondays
Stonegate: Daily