[Ark Servers] New mod added!

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[Ark Servers] New mod added!

Post by Sephiroth » Mon Mar 09, 2020 2:21 pm

Services Affected: All Ark servers
Date: 2020-03-09
Time: 1400hrs to 1410hrs US/EDT
Reason: We are adding the "Fused Troughs" mod tot he servers for several reasons. See below!

First, S+ troughs have a very large range and both feed dinos and prevent resource and dino spawns in that large area. This is great for towns or cities, but bad for small and medium bases. For example, a tree-house build is FAR too small to have need of such a massive area and the trough would prevent many spawns in the redwood area. The trough also covers far too much area for individual builds, such as a small house.

Second, the new trough types function like refrigerators or preserving bins. The preserving trough uses sparkpowder and preserves any food in the trough like a preserving bin would. The refrigerated trough runs on electricity (works with S+ generators and such also) and prevents spoilage for a VERY long time, just like a refrigerator. This allows us to fill the troughs and not need to be online FAR longer to refill them than before.

There is a trade-off for the enhanced functionality! The new troughs have a range about the diameter of a large wood tree platform. This is FAR smaller than the S+ trough. In fact it is about one-sixth the size of the S+ trough in terms of coverage. This means that for towns and cities you can either use a lot of these smaller troughs or a single S+ trough.

Along with the new troughs come a new rule to prevent spawn-blocking. If you have a small home or base and the S+ trough extends more than a foundation or two outside your perimeter, use the small troughs. They work even without sparkpowder or power, but you do not get the preservation effect. The world is large, but we need to share it with everybody. Use only what you need to cover your base or your dino area with food. Nothing else.

Enjoy the new items!
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