Announcement Guidelines

This board is used to announce things with DHTA which may affect our non-members as well, such as maintenance, outages, or special events on our Ark servers.
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Announcement Guidelines

Post by Sephiroth » Sat Jul 21, 2018 2:41 pm

Announcements made here should use the following format.

Post Subject: [Services] Brief description <ISO date>...
Services Affected: <List>
Date: <ISO date>
Time: <World time format> to <World time format>
Reason: <Description>

An example for upgrading would be as follows.
Post Subject: [7D2D] Upgrades 2018-12-01...
Services Affected: 7D2D Servers Only
Date: 2018-12-01
Time: 1000hrs to 1030hrs US/EDT
Reason: We are upgrading the game server from alpha 17 to alpha 18. TS and other game servers are unaffected.
Another example for an event would be as follows.
Post Subject: [Ark] Taming event 2018-10-15...
Services Affected: Ark Servers Only
Date: 2018-10-13 to 2018-10-15
Time: 1000hrs to 1000hrs US/EDT
Reason: We are running a taming event on all servers starting at 10AM on Saturday the 13th through 10AM Monday the 15th. The times and dates are US/EDT. During this event we will have triple taming, hatching, and maturation! Join us for a fast-paced weekend of breeding!
The post should be locked and set to "Announce" prior to submitting the post. Once the maintenance is done, and as soon as it is done, you should edit the original post and change the topic type to "Normal". After that you should reply with a post indicating that the servers are back online as well as any other relevant information about the instance.
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