Clan DHTA's History

This board contains general information about the clan, such as our history, general rules, requirements for joining, and other basic information.
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Clan DHTA's History

Post by Sephiroth » Fri Jul 20, 2018 1:09 pm

Clan DHTA started in 1999 when I was a member of one of the two best clans I had ever gamed in, OESM. A few of us decided we wanted to form our own clan so we brainstormed on a name and came up with "Dark Horsemen of The Apocalypse". We weren't unhappy with OESM (Organization of Elite Snipers and Medics) and are friends with many of those guys to this day. We just wanted to do our own thing, so Helloonasty, VgBlood, and I started the clan and the rest is history!

First, let's cover the long history of games we have played as a clan. This list is in order to the best of my knowledge.
  1. Team Fortress Classic (Through version
  2. Deathmatch Classic
  3. Counter-Strike
  4. Unreal Tournament (UT99)
  5. Infiltration
  6. Unreal Fortress Gold
  7. UT2003/2004 Team Deathmatch
  8. Frag-Ops
  9. Red Orchestra (UT2004 Mod)
  10. Guild Wars
  11. World of Warcraft (Vanilla through Lich King)
When we first formed we played TFC, the same mod we played with OESM. We also started playing DMC and CS. However, as Valve started moving things away from WON (Sierra) and into their own Steam services, some of us disliked the new setup and even had issues with Steam. Heck, Steam was a plague when it first arrived on the scene, with things not updating, games not starting, and all kinds of annoying bugs. This made playing these Half-Life mods (TFC, DMC, and CS) difficult and frustrating.

Around this time I got a copy of Unreal Tournament. It was great! Fast-paced deathmatch, team deathmatch, CTF, and more. The graphics were better. The latency was lower. Everything was fun again, and we began moving to UT. While doing this I looked for a CS-style game for UT and found something way beyond CS. I found Infiltration.

At the time it was the most advanced simulation around. Not only could you select from a HUGE array of weapons, armor, body styles, and facial styles, but the game modeled weight and such, so you couldn't carry everything you found lying around. You had stamina and could not sprint forever. You could go prone. You could lean around corners. You could have multiple attachments for your weapons. Weight determined your max stamina, so carrying more weapons was actually detrimental to some styles of play. Weight also determined max health and stamina regen. Your current stamina even affected weapon-sway while aiming, which had to be done by bringing the sights up to your eye. The game was WAY ahead of its time.

While playing Inf I came across Unreal Fortress (later Unreal Fortress Gold). It took the best parts of TFC and made them better! Each class had multiple grenade types, such as the engineer having frags and EMPs. You could customize your sentry guns with miniguns, grenade launchers, and/or missile launchers. You could earn awards by doing certain things while playing. The graphics were better, the maps larger, and the game didn't slow down when lots of explosions occurred. We literally played this game until the community was all but gone years later, just like Inf.

As UT2003 and 2004 arrived I began playing TDM with one or two members, but most of the clan dissipated into other games. I liked the new graphics and game-play. Bombing Run was a personal favorite, but I did do a lot of TDM with others. BR never seemed to catch on, sadly. Still, I was on the prowl for another CS/Inf and I found it. Frag-Ops.

Frag-Ops was much closer to CS in terms of game-play, but it had a few features which were better in my opinion. It had HUD elements when disarming bombs or hacking computers. Being on a newer game engine, the graphics and audio were far superior. There were a wide array of custom maps to choose from and plenty of weapons in-game which ensure hours of fun. The only issue we had here was when we got good and started regularly beating the self-proclaimed best. We had to be using bots, or hacking, or some other non-sense, and this put a damper on our moods. We began seeking another mod or game to play after months of harassment. Sadly, this also divided the community since half of the community was on our side and half was not. The community was dead not long after.

While searching I found a WWII mod that looked promising. It was a small project competing in the "Make Something Unreal" contest called "Red orchestra". It featured the Soviets and Nazis so I was already interested and upon playing it once, I was hooked! The game featured limited stamina which affected weapon-sway, a requirement to bring the iron-sights or scope up to aim (no hip-firing), and weight, like Infiltration! They would later add vehicles such as tanks and light trucks to the game which required multiple players to operate. The game was a lot of fun and I met one of the best friends I have there. Sadly, the fun wasn't going to last forever.

Initially I joined a clan in RO because I had no DHTA members with me at the time. Things were fun. As I played and made friends I left the clan and fired up a division for RO in DHTA. This was good for a while, but eventually we got good and the accusations slowly started showing up. To alleviate this, I actually began using Fraps to record my matches and posted the videos online and offered a Mini-DVD for sale for those who wanted it and to promote the clan. The response? We were such awesome hackers we could fake a Fraps recording! We even played against a few of the developers (Ramm-Jaegar, I believe) and they mopped the floor with us, but it didn't matter. Minds had been made up. Fortunately, the mod won the MSU contest and moved to Steam. The mod version slowly dwindled and we left.

During our time with RO we had also started playing Guild Wars and World of Warcraft. Guild Wars started becoming a grind when the developers effectively doubled the number of mobs in areas to combat botters instead of banning the botters, so we did not stay there long before going to WoW exclusively. WoW was much more fun and held us for years on end.

I had been in the beta (I still have alpha and beta screenshots!) and loved WoW even more than the prior RTS games. I played both Horde and Alliance during the beta, but started with The Alliance upon release and only fooled with The Horde a bit. That was, until I got tired of Tauren stomping me into mush on a daily basis. Then I brought my Horde characters out and never looked back. We played and even did PvP through the release of Wrath of The Lich King. We had some times when we took breaks, but we played through all of it. Then Cataclysm arrived and we disbanded.

After that I held onto the name and clan for nostalgia, but by 2010 we all had lives, families, and jobs. We had no time to game, so things were dead over here. I even joined Wolfpack, an international gaming clan, during 2016 through last week. Due to internal turmoil in that clan I left, and have made many friends who are now playing under our banner. I do not know what the future holds for them, but DHTA is back and will remain here unless something happens to myself and all others who wish to carry on. I'll never again make the mistake of going under another banner!
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