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Clan DHTA's Rules

Posted: Fri Jul 20, 2018 1:33 pm
by Sephiroth
DHTA is a casual gaming clan. We no longer compete on gaming ladders. We are here to have fun. Our rules are minimalist and designed to allow you to game your way while hanging out with friends. If you join us you are expected to abide by the few rules we do have, but we also believe that you will find the rules both welcoming and easy to understand and follow.
  1. Absolutely no cheating or exploiting of any kind!
  2. No multi-clanning. See the detail explanation below.
  3. Be respectful to both your fellow horsemen and those we play with or against online.
  4. Do not post, speak, or message in any way any racist, sexist, threatening, or violent remarks.
  5. If you're going to be gone for an extended period, please let us know. We worry about you!
  6. You are a guest on our TS and/or game servers. Please be respectful to our members.
These are our basic rules which are applied to all divisions and may not be overridden by divisional rules. Below are the detailed explanations. Please read these and understand them prior to applying. Note that individual divisions may have additional rules based on the game being played.
  • Cheating and exploiting are not allowed. This includes but is not limited to things such as using external programs to automate in-game functions such as aiming, taking advantage of bugs such as being able to hide in a wall and shoot others while they cannot see you, modify game files in a way which would grant an advantage, or listen in on the opposing players' voice communications.
  • Multi-clanning defined in a very simple way here. It means being in two clans with the intention of playing the same game in both clans. For example, you join DHTA and Wolfpack and want to play War Thunder in both clans. Wolfpack and DHTA disallow this behavior. However, joining DHTA for War Thunder and another clan for World of Tanks is allowed, so long as you don't play World of Tanks with DHTA also. Even if we have a division in multiple games you play, you may play those games in another clan so long as you are not playing the game in our clan as well. This is to prevent conflicts of interest such as DHTA and the other clan having a match against each other and you having to decide which clan to play for. If you have questions, please ask your divisional leader, a councilman, or myself.
  • Being respectful is mandatory here. We can all disagree but we must keep it civil. We will all never agree on everything, it's a fact of life! How we treat each other is what matters. We can always agree to disagree and still be friends. If you cannot do this, then you need not apply. There is enough drama in the world and we play games to escape some of that crap, not to start more of it.
  • Communicating threats, sexist, racist, or other violent things is prohibited. I do not care if you are a Grand Wizard in the KKK or the leader of The New Black Panther Party. You must understand that you will come into contact with many people of many backgrounds, religions, and walks of life here. Leave that crap at the door or do not apply. Communicating racism, sexism, or violence may lead to an immediate dismissal and even a ban from our servers and services. If you have questions about anything which may be considered in violation of this rule, simply ask a divisional leader, councilman, or myself.
  • If you need to disappear for a while, whether it is your personal life, a job, or whatever, please let somebody know. This will keep you on our roster during your away-time and prevent us from wondering what happened to you. We're supposed to be friends here, so some people will worry if you simply disappear. Let us know you're OK! You do not need to tell us why you are heading out for a while, just that you're doing it and will be OK.
  • These are our servers. We share them with non-members for the fun of the gaming community, but please respect our members. Nobody has a "right" to use anything of ours. We will share it happily, but have no problem revoking the privilege of being here should you act improperly or break our rules. Likewise, feel free to report anything which a member does that you believe to be unbecoming of a horseman. Bullying either way will not be tolerated!
Should you have questions about any rule you may contact divisional leaders, councilmen, or myself. Divisional leaders will likely get back to you the fastest.